Property Finder Malaga

Let me introduce you to my Property Finder Malaga services…

I look forward to helping you find your ideal property in the Malaga region.

First of all, I would like to repeat the fact that I am not an estate agent. I am a property finder.

  • I do not sell property.
  • I help you to buy property.

I help you to find what you are looking for and provide invaluable experience that will save you not only time and money but also will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary complications.

I am totally independent and work only for my selected clients.

What information do I initially need from you?

  • What areas of Malaga are you looking at?
  • What kind of location would you prefer? e.g rural, coastal, town centre ,village, holiday resort…
  • What type of property are you looking for?  a villa,  townhouse, apartment
  • How many bedrooms?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • What is your budget?
  • How soon do you intend to buy?
  • When are you available to visit?
  • How can I contact you?

Once we have spoken ( I prefer to make direct contact to allow me to fully understand your requirements), we will agree a time schedule and start the search.

I will contact the best agents in your search area to locate the most suitable properties for you. I will send recommended properties, based on your requirements. We will work together to prepare a  short list of properties before your visit .

This means you do not waste any time viewing properties that are unsuitable.

IMPORTANT: To avoid duplication and enjoy a smoother experience, I require you to book all your viewings via myself only. I can arrange viewings of any property you may find on the internet. If you find a property that is not featured on my website, simply send me the link and I will do the research for you and arrange a viewing if suitable. This allows me to offer you my property finding services at a very affordable rate.

As properties are often listed by several agents, many people waste viewing time by being taken to the same properties via different agents.

I will prevent this from happening to you!

I will assist you during your inspection visits and I will ensure you receive honest and essential information on each property. Remember,  unlike estate agents, I work for you, not for the seller. If I think a property is unsuitable I will tell you and explain why.

If required, I will set up a meeting with an independent lawyer who will talk you through the property purchase process and answer any questions you may have. They will also give you the opportunity to give them power of attorney and leave the whole process in their hands.

  • I will make it easy and understandable.

  • I will save you time. I will save you money.

  • I will find the property you’re looking for.

How much do My Property Finder Malaga services cost?

As a dedicated Property Finder, I request a retainer  of €495 from you before I commence the property search.

A retainer is only requested once we have established a clear search criteria and I am confident we can find what you are looking for. I do not believe in promising what cannot be delivered. I will not waste your time.

We will be working as a team this requires mutual trust and understanding.

Upon successful completion of the property purchase, the final payment is paid. This is a pre-agreed amount, based on the property purchase price and other assistance required.

Please be advised that I have a limited number of spaces each month. The sooner we start working together, the more successful and enjoyable your experience of buying property in Spain will be.

Contact me now and book your FREE initial consultation.

Some of my Client Testimonials …

“Having experienced the services provided by Lisa I can thoroughly recommend her. You might be surprised to find not all estate agents are there to help you. They tend to promote the properties that they want to sell rather than the one you wish to buy. However Lisa will converse with all the estate agents and will view the properties with you. Therefore will quickly pick-up on your requirements which saves time and money. Also she provides an abundance of information about the area from schools to restaurants plus everything else.  The help continues after your purchase with recommendations of builders and furniture shops e.t.c. With good contacts (i.e. lawyers, currency dealers) and all are reliable and trustworthy. I was very fortunate to find Lisa and can’t imagine going through the whole experience of buying in Spain without her. I hate to say it ‘ she’s GREAT’.”

“We used Lisa and her company to assist us in finding our perfect Spanish holiday home. Lisa has a dedicated passion to make sure that we found our ideal apartment in a short space of time and we have no hesitation in recommending Lisa to anyone looking to purchase a property in Spain. Highly professional and attentive throughout the whole process”

Start your property search now by completing this initial questionnaire ...

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