Move to Malaga Articles About Malaga And The Costa Del Sol

Our articles cover many different aspects related to moving to Malaga, living in Malaga and buying property in Malaga. Remember that we are talking about the province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol. Please use the Contact form to let us know about any articles you'd like us to publish.

Essential Information About Healthcare in Spain

When planning your move to Malaga, you need to be aware of your entitlements to healthcare in Spain and the various options available to you and your family. Your residency application will be rejected if you do not have the correct healthcare cover in place. In this...

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A to Z Reasons to Move to Malaga

In our A to Z Reasons to Move to Malaga post we  shared some of the many reasons we believe Malaga is a great place to live. If you are looking for lifestyle change, this is the destination for you! If you are thinking of moving to Spain and would like to know why we...

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A to Z: Reasons to live in Malaga

If you are thinking of moving to Spain and would like to know why we think moving to Malaga is a great option, have a read of our A to Z reasons to live in Malaga ... please remember that, although we love Malaga Capital,  in our A to Z we are referring to the whole...

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International Schools in Malaga

There are many International Schools in Malaga  to choose from. These International Schools follow the British System but are not regulated by OFSTED. They are monitored and regulated by the Junta de Andalucia Consejeria de Educacion (Junta de Andalucia Education...

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Why Moving to Malaga is a Great Idea …

This supplement was printed for the A Place in the Sun exhibition April 2012. Have a read through and see why so many foreigners chose the South of Spain and, in particluar Malaga, as their new home abroad: NOTE: Read our article featured on page 8. Click Here to read...

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