7 Steps for Successfully Moving To Spain with Children

Moving To Spain with Children is my first published book, available on Amazon: Have a  Look Inside and read the reviews using this link.

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Available on Amazon! CLICK IMAGE to read the 5-star reviews …

Having answered questions from many families thinking about moving to Spain, over the past years, and at the request of many mums, I decided it was time to put this book together.

The aim of the book is to:

  • Give you food for thought
  • Provide factual info & sources of information
  • Share real life experiences

Warning: If you are looking to be sold the dream, do not order this book and buy one of the many other books on the market.

  • This book is not here to sell you a dream.
  • This book will show you the reality.
  • This book will show you what life in Spain is really like
  • This book will tell you what you need to think about before deciding to make the move.
  • This book will give you a much better start to your life in Spain.
  • This book will become your invaluable source of thinking material and insight, in preparation for your move and during your first months in Spain.

My plan is for this book to answer a lot of your questions. In fact, I believe this book will answer questions you may not have even thought about. In the long run, this book will save you time, money and headaches and, without doubt, it will pay for itself many times over.

This book highlights the most important practical issues to be considered when moving to Spain with children.

I believe this book will make the whole process of moving to Spain with children a lot more understandable and enjoyable. The majority of the information provided applies to all areas of Spain. Extra insight is given to the Malaga province where I have chosen to live with my own family.

The graphic below gives an insight into just a few of the topics I cover in detail.

Moving To Spain with Children