A Malaga Guide at your Fingertips

 Introducing the Malaga Guide: Discover Malaga like a local!

Whether you are planning a day trip to Malaga capital, booking a holiday or thinking about moving to Malaga, this new app should be travelling with you.

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The best way to get the most out of a visiting a place is by preparing what you’re going to do and see. And one of the best sources for this is a travel guide, but all too often, the guide is out of date, weighs a ton and includes maps that are so tiny you can hardly read them even with your glasses on. Enter The 5 Best of Everything in Malaga, the new Malaga guide – an easy-to-use app covering all you need to know plus detailed maps and local insight. And bang up to date.

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The Handy Guide

This Malaga guide sits at your fingertips in an app installed on your smart phone or tablet (Android and iOS versions available) so no more carting a heavy guide book around. Just turn on your device, click on the app and start planning what to see and do in Malaga, where to stay and eat, and how to get around the city.

The 5 Best of Everything in Malaga is divided into six sections –

  • Essentials
  • Sights
  • Things to do
  • Eats
  • Sleeps and
  • Buys

In Essentials, you’ll find information on getting to Malaga and how to get around when you’re there; a list of consulates and what to do in an emergency; a calendar of what’s on throughout the year; and a handy tourist information in Malaga.

The other sections include lists of the 5 best venues in each category. In Sights, you’ll find 9 lists with the 5 best unusual sights, 5 best art museums, 5 best views…. In Things to do in Malaga, there are 8 lists that include the 5 best chill-out options, 5 best beaches and the 5 best things to do with children in Malaga.

Eats goes to town on the huge choice of places to eat in Malaga. This section contains 13 lists of suggestions on where to find the 5 best tapas, 5 best craft beers, 5 best ice creams, 5 best morning coffee… (and treat-yourself restaurants for those special occasions).

Accommodation in Malaga is covered in the Sleeps section where you’ll find ideas for boutique gems, unusual rooms to rent, self-catering options in the city plus splurge hotels where you can splash out on a night of luxury. There’s great shopping in Malaga and The 5 Best of Everything in Malaga lists lots of lovely shops to buy produce from Malaga, souvenirs (but not your kiss-me-quick hats here) and gifts.

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The Up-to-date Guide

Because this Malaga guide is an app and not a printed guidebook, it’s easy to update. And because the author is local to Malaga you can guarantee all the information will be correct and up-to-date. All that’s new in Malaga and with visitor value is added to the app almost as soon as it happens. Each version of the app is updated automatically at no extra charge and forever.

The Get-there-easily Guide

Every list (and there are 42 of them in this Malaga guide!) has an interactive Google map locating every venue precisely so you can see how to get there quickly and easily. No more getting hopelessly lost even when you’re deep in the back streets in Malaga old quarter!

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The Go-local Guide

This Malaga guide has been written by a local who lives in Malaga and knows the city inside out. The venues listed in the guide go on and off the beaten tourist track and all 210 of them have been tried and tested. Discover the well-known and the not so well-known Malaga in The 5 Best of Everything in Malaga.

The All-inclusive Guide

The app for this Malaga guide gives you all you need to know for the best possible visit. The price includes automatic updates for as long as you keep the guide on your device. And there are no costly premium versions and absolutely no annoying adverts.

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The Bargain Guide

All the above costs  only €4.99 or £3.49 so you can get the best and most up-to-date Malaga guide for less than the price of a magazine. You can buy The 5 Best of Everything in Malaga on http://www.guidetomalaga.com/buy-now .

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More information about The 5 Best of Everything in Malaga is available on www.guidetomalaga.com

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