When is the Best Time to Look for Property to Rent in Malaga?

Property to Rent in Malaga

Are you looking for property to rent in Malaga and the Costa del Sol?

Are you frustrated by the number of incorrectly advertised properties?

How many properties that you have seen advertised for rent are actually available?

I kid you not, best practice is not at the forefront of many agency’s principals. Sometimes, I do not think they realize how much of people’s time they are actually wasting. I must also point out that this does not by any means apply to all agencies!

At Move To Malaga we offer a rental property finder service as part of our comprehensive relocation packages. We also offer a stand alone rental property finder service. You can read more details and see our pricing on our Relocation Page.

When you work with us, we advise on the best time to look for property to rent in Malaga and the Costa del Sol, based on several factors. Competing out Initial relocation Questionnaire allows us to assess your requirements and provide you with invaluable feedback. We have an in depth knowledge of the property rental market and we share this knowledge with you. We save you time and we save you money. 

From the outset, conducting searches on portals such as Idealista, Fotocasa, and Pisos is a good way to see what kind of property you can secure based on budgets and requirements. This post “How to find your ideal long term rental in Spain shows you how to navigate one of the portals.  

The above portals also allow you to search by map, which is great for orienting yourself with areas that you are not familiar with. If you want to be within a certain distance of a particular point such as a school, workplace or even the seafront, you can create a map of your desired search area.

property to rent in malaga

However, as ideal as these portals may seem, there are major drawbacks. Drawbacks that cost you a lot of time and frustration.

In Malaga, properties are often listed by more than one agency. Not only are they listed by more than one agency, but they are also regularly advertised at different prices and positioned in different locations on the map. 

It is surprising (note sarcasm here!) how many agencies forget to take down advertisements on these portals for particularly good quality and well-priced properties until you call them to check that they are still available. And even then they may again be overlooked and left on view. (I call it clickbait … you have been warned!)

I must also point out that although this post is directed at rental properties, the same often occurs for properties for sale. Whether you are looking to rent or purchase a property in Malaga and the Costa del Sol, we are here to make it easier for you.

Oh, before I go. The title of this post is  “When is the best time to look for property to rent in Malaga?” I cannot give you a one answer fits all response. It all boils down to your own personal situation, and we will assess that as soon as you start to work with us.

However, I would strongly advise you to forget looking for property to rent in Malaga and the Costa del Sol during the summer months. Particularly in July, August and early September, unless you fancy a good old long-winded goose chase!