moving to spain after brexit

Advice for British Citizens Moving to Spain after Brexit

As 2020 draws to a close and December 31st looms ever nearer, many UK citizens are scrambling to beat the deadline for moving to Spain, before Brexit, as an EU citizen.

Over the past months, we have helped many people successfully both purchase property and also move to the Malaga region. Preparation is key and having everything in place is vital for a successful outcome.

We have also advised some people to wait until the new regulations are in place before they decide whether to relocate or not. Not everybody is in a position to move immediately. We listen to you, treat you as an individual and base our advice on what we believe is best for you.

So, how different will moving to Spain from UK after Brexit be?

If anyone answers this question for you, take their answer with a pinch of salt. Do your research and do not be tricked into believing that they know what they are talking about.

Why do we say this?

There are currently so many “experts” sharing their thoughts and predictions and giving people advice, for which they often take money,  about what steps you should take for moving to Spain after Brexit.

The other day I saw somebody advertising an eBook (at a nice hefty price of €54.95) entitled Spanish Residency for UK Citizens with “New 2021 Rules”.

What do they know that the officials and governments don’t?

Basically, nothing.

They are charging for predictions.

At Move to Malaga, we share only 100% facts. We source our information from official websites and experts. We do not believe in playing with people’s lives nor in wasting their time. Nor do we charge people for reading our predictions.

Over the past years, we have been asked on numerous occasions what we think will happen to residency procedures for Brits moving to Spain after Brexit. We have our ideas, based on our in-depth knowledge, but we stick by our ethos of only publishing facts. Our ideas remain ideas and soon we will have facts to share with you.

If you are planning to move to Spain after Brexit, and would like to learn the facts, sign up for our updates and we will keep you posted.

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If moving to Spain after Brexit is your intention, do not worry about it. Simply, fill out our Initial relocation Questionnaire and leave the rest to us.