moving to Spain in 2020

The Impact of Coronavirus and Brexit on Moving to Spain in 2020.

Are you one of the many people who are thinking of moving to Spain in 2020 or soon after? Are you looking forward to a new and improved lifestyle? Have you been dreaming of outdoor living, healthy Mediterranean diets, more time with your loved ones and those endless blue skies? I could go on and on here, but if you are already reading this post, you will get my point 😉

Do you now feel like you have had not one but even two doors slammed in your face?

If you are a British citizen you will probably be saying two. If you are not from the UK, you will be lucky to answer just one … although it is a big “just one”.

I am of course referring to the infamous “B word” that is “Brexit” and the latest “C Word” that is “Coronavirus”

As we are slowly and cautiously settling into the “new normality” here in Spain, turmoil and uncertainty continue in many other countries. Borders are being opened and then closed, and deals are being negotiated and renegotiated. News is changing by the day, by the hour. There is just so much misinformation flying around and some people are benefiting from this misinformation. 

Do not fall victim to all this confusion. Take your time. Do your research.

Online webinars and seminars are popping up all over the place. Events are being promoted by companies encouraging you to make the move to Spain. But is the time really right for you to take such a big decision?

Is moving to Spain in 2020 a risk?

In my own humble opinion, and based on lots of observations and research, I believe the future is still extremely uncertain. You need to research and educate yourself and do what you believe to be the best for yourself and for your loved ones.

It is very important not to be pushed by those making money from your decision. 

So what is my point here, you may be asking … 

I have been planning to write this article for a few weeks now as we are being bombarded with questions from people wanting to plan their move to Spain and/or purchase property in Spain. I need to be totally honest with you and give you the points you should be considering when deciding about this.

Points to consider before moving to Spain in 2020:

  • The looming deadline for the Brexit Transition Period (UK citizens only!)
  • The impact of Coronavirus and a possible second wave
  • The impact of Brexit and Coronavirus on Property Prices in Spain

I will cover each of the points mentioned above, in the next articles published.

Before I go, here are just a few of the many questions to ask yourself before moving to Spain in 2020:

  • Why are you in a hurry to move to Spain? Are your reasons completely clear to you?
  • What would happen if you delayed your move for a few months? A year?
  • What if there is a second lockdown due to another Coronavirus outbreak in Spain? How would you cope? Where would you rather be: in your home country or in Spain?
  • If you are purchasing property, are you expecting to pick up a bargain? If so, do you not think it would be worth waiting at least until next year? If you found your ideal property would you be prepared to lose it if the vendor wouldn’t drop the price?

At Move to Malaga, we care deeply about our customers. We all work together to make relocations and property purchases risk-free, enjoyable and successful. We are currently helping many people plan their move and to purchase property, although we are advising them to take their time, following guidelines and being prepared for every eventuality. 

If you would like to discuss your own plans, simply complete our Initial Relocation Questionaire HERE and we will be in touch.

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