Digital Nomad Visa Spain Update August 2022

The Teleworking Visa and Residence Permit for remote workers also referred to as the Digital Nomad Visa Spain is expected to begin being issued by December 2022.

According to reliable sources, here is the latest update regarding the Nomad Visa Spain:

The Spanish government announced the implementation of a new visa and residence permit for remote workers who are third-country nationals (nationals of countries that are not members of the European Union).

This visa has previously been referred to by many sources as the Digital Nomad Visa Spain however we are looking at it today as a “visa” and a “permit”.

  • The International Teleworking Visa (“visa”) will allow eligible applicants to live and work in Spain for up to one year.
  • The International Teleworking Residence Permit (“permit”) will confer work and residence rights for up to two years. 

Key issues The International Teleworking Visa and Residence Permit will be available to third-country nationals who are self-employed or employed by companies registered outside Spain and are seeking to provide professional services to non-Spanish companies from within Spain by using information and communication technologies (e.g., laptops, phones). 

The Residence Permit will also be available to third-country nationals who already have authorization to work and reside in Spain and wish to change their immigration status to work remotely from within Spain.

The International Teleworking Visa and Permit holders will be prohibited from receiving remuneration from Spanish sources and performing work that generates revenue for Spanish entities. 

Companies that wish to sponsor, and individuals who wish to apply for, a Visa or Residence Permit must comply with the following requirements:

  • Applicants must be highly qualified professionals who received a graduate or postgraduate degree from a university, vocational training institute, or business school or have at least three years of professional experience 
  • Non-Spanish companies with which applicants have a “labor” (i.e., employment) or “professional” (i.e., self-employment) relationship must provide proof that they have operated as lawful businesses in good standing for at least one year and that the applicants can perform their activities (e.g., deliver services) remotely from within Spain
  • Both employed and self-employed applicants must prove that they have been employed continuously (in the case of employed applicants), or maintained business relationships (in the case of self-employed applicants), with said companies for at least three months prior to filing their Visa/Permit applications.
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