Document Checklist for Moving To Spain

Document Checklist for Moving To Spain

Spain is infamous for its bureaucracy and never-ending paperwork trail. Many hours of your life can be wasted standing in queues in government buildings, and that is if you have the correct documents. Have the incorrect documents and change “hours” for “days”! I kid you not!

Every transaction requires the completion of specific application forms accompanied by the correct supporting documentation. Originals, often with copies and in some cases sworn, officially translated copies. The more copies the merrier 😉

But don’t worry about all that. Once you are here, we will organise all that for you, as part of our relocation packages,  and ensure you get it right from the start. All you need to do is ensure you arrive with the correct documents in the correct format.

As soon as you start planning your move to Spain, use our Document Checklist for Moving To Spain and set your relocation off on the right foot …

Move to Malaga’s Document Checklist for Moving To Spain

Valid passport – if in doubt, get it renewed before you leave your home country

Valid driving licence – if you have the paper counterpart, ensure you bring it with you

Birth certificates – the long versions ¡OJO! Ensure parent’s names on children’s birth certificates match the names on the passports (ie. maiden and married names have been updated!)

Marriage certificate – these are required in case a spouse is declared as a dependent

EHIC – the European Health Insurance Card will cover you when you first move over, then you will need private or Spanish state health insurance.

Pet passports – if you have pets, ensure you have proof of necessary vaccinations

Proof of Income – for residency applications, the more proof of income you supply the better. Ideally, have copies of bank statements showing regular income from salaries, pensions, investments etc. A minimum of 6 months statements is advisable. If you rent out a property, have a copy of the rental contract and statements to show rental income. If you work for a company outside Spain, bring a copy of your work contract and also 6 months of wage slips.

Download and print your Document Checklist

Official sworn translations are required for several procedures, however, sworn translations are only valid for 3 months so be careful. It is better to have a confirmed appointment before paying for an official translation. Again we will coordinate this for you as part of our relocation packages.