Estate Agents in Spain

estate agents in spain

There are various types of Estate Agents in Spain:

• Traditional estate agents:  These usually charge owners a sales fee.

• Buyer’s Agent or Property Finder: The best ones will find you the property you want and charge you for it up to 3 – 5% .The commission is paid by the seller or seller’s agent.

• Property Finders: You give them a property spec and they find it for you. They charge a set fee for their services depending on price. They may go through agents with whom they have agreements so the fee structure is often opaque. NOTE: We actually offer this service free of charge!

So what should you look for in an estate agent in Spain? 

• Experience: Ask for testimonials and what previous experience they have.

• Coverage: Do they have the coverage required and the partnerships in place on the ground to cover your requirements? It is a collaborative business and going the extra mile and also location will make a big difference.

• Knowledge of the Market: Ask the difficult questions about every aspect of living in Spain. If they cannot or will not answer then tell them to take a hike even if you really like a place because you will be able to get it elsewhere and probably at a better price.

• Language ability: How can you expect somebody who cannot communicate in Spanish to know about any problems and encumbrances that may be on the property?

• Employ an English speaking bi lingual estate agent to represent you as they will notice any problems during the purchasing process.

• Don’t fall for the hype. High pressure sales techniques are usually because of pressure to sell and a commission basis to wages. Remember you are paying a lot of money for this purchase and you should get it right first time.

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