How to Buy Property in Spain

How to Buy Property in Spain Safely!

Buying property in Spain, or in any country can be a complex, stressful and sometimes expensive experience. Our method shows you how to buy property in Spain safely, confidently and risk-free. 

Having the guidance and expertise of a Buyer’s Agent / Property Finder, like ourselves at Move to Malaga will make all the difference.

As the name suggests, a Buyer’s Agent represents you, the buyer. We are your Buyer’s Agent/ Property Finders in southern Spain. We assist you every step of the way. You will save time and money when buying property in the Malaga and Costa del Sol region.

Do you know that many Spanish Estate Agents are not regulated?

Almost anyone can open an estate agency business in Spain due to the lack of regulation. Things can, and sadly do, go wrong, especially when a non-Spanish speaking agent is selling to a buyer who knows little or nothing about the procedure. These are the stories you read in the tabloids and see on the TV programmes.

Thanks to the upwards turn in demand for property in southern Spain, estate agents, “property finders” (note the sarcasm here … as the self-named property finders actually sell their own properties!)  and internet portals are popping up everywhere. Many estate agents do not even have any of their own property listings, they simply advertise properties listed by other agents in order to attract none-the-wiser purchasers.

Selling property in Spain can lead to a fast buck, just don’t let it be yours.

Nowadays, fancy-fronted offices can be found in popular resorts along the coast and even inland, inviting in unknowing visitors. How are you to know who are the ones to trust with your valuable time and money? A few quick deals and these pop-up agents close down and move on to pastures new. Who can blame them? After all, they are not breaking the law.

Having previously worked for a real estate agent, I can tell you that too many estate agents play the numbers game. The more properties they show to as many people as possible, the higher the probability they make a sale and earn their commission. 

Don’t be a number in this game!

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Let Us Show You How to Buy Property in Spain Safely: 

  • Your Brief
  • Research
  • Inspection Visits
  • Negotiation
  • Legalities & Checks
  • Completion

Your  Brief – The Importance of Understanding Your Requirements

At Move to Malaga, we take great care to understand what you need from your Spanish property, be it a permanent home, a holiday home or a pure investment. Working together, we will create a clear brief of your ideal Spanish property. Understanding your aspirations, desired lifestyle, hobbies, timescales; and differentiating your needs from your wants; this all helps us fine-tune the brief. If you are uncertain which area you want to focus your Spanish property search in, do not worry, we will listen to your ideas and we will guide you and ensure your new home is in your ideal location.

Together we will produce a brief of your ideal property in the best location for you!

Research – We do the legwork for you

Importantly, we do not waste your time taking you to view unsuitable properties. Your time is precious, as is ours. Research and preparation are key to a successful outcome for your Spanish property search. Once we have a clear brief of your ideal Spanish property, we will begin our preparatory research. You will benefit from our extensive and trusted network of professionals and our in-depth knowledge of our selected areas. We take on all the legwork of the search, creating a shortlist of properties that best match your brief.

As our purchaser, you will appreciate the time we save you by booking appointments, avoiding time-wasting and having one point of contact throughout your Spanish property search.

During your pre-arranged inspection visits we will accompany you to viewings.   We will be your eyes and ears throughout every visit of your Spanish property search. If your time is limited, we will pre inspect properties for you, helping to eliminate any unsuitable options.

Remember, we are working for you. A listing agent has a responsibility to the vendor. Their job is to sell. For us, your interests, as the buyer, are all that matter. We will ensure you do not purchase the wrong property, no matter how attractive the vendor or vendor’s agent may make it seem.

Negotiation – We ensure you secure the property at the best price …

Then, once you have found your ideal property, we will agree on a negotiation strategy with you and work to secure the most favourable terms with the selling agent.

We have a good track record of successfully negotiating substantial savings from asking prices.  Our clients’ offers are often favoured over competing offers, as agents and vendors value our involvement and have greater confidence the deal will reach a swift completion.

Legalities & Checks – We ensure your Spanish property purchase is risk-free!

At Move to Malaga, we do not work with any purchaser who plans to buy a Spanish property without the guidance of a qualified property lawyer.

An independent property lawyer is almost as valuable an investment as the property purchase itself. Cutting corners at this stage may save a few euros but it will cost a lot more in the future.

So, during your initial visit to Spain, we will arrange for you to meet an independent property lawyer. They will explain the Spanish property purchase to you and answer any questions you may have.

At Move to Malaga, we do not work with anyone who simply ”helps a sale go through”. If a property is not 100% our recommended lawyers will highlight the issues for you, and prevent any costly errors.

Your meetings with your lawyer are confidential. We are on hand only if you feel you need us.

With the assistance of our expert property lawyers with us every step of the way, you can be certain your Spanish Property purchase is in safe hands.

Completion – The final step of your property purchase process, yet it is the beginning …

We act as the first point of contact with all parties involved in the purchase process. This enables you to focus on other commitments and enables you to not worry about not being in Spain. You can be confident that your Spanish property purchase is being processed quickly and efficiently.

Clients we have worked for tell us we have made their purchase process in Spain an enjoyable one and that they found great comfort knowing they were acquiring their ideal property, at the right price, in the best location.

Completing the sale is just the start of your journey. You will enjoy your new Spanish property, to the full, from the moment you have the keys.

We will be at hand to guide you with everything you need to settle into your new home in Spain. We can assist you in setting up telephone and internet, utilities, security, gardening services and other systems you require for your property.

As a member of our Move to Malaga community, you will have our extensive network at your fingertips.

The answer to How to Buy Property in Spain Safely 

is to follow these simple steps and to Contact us