Why You Should Use an Independent Property Finder to Buy A House in Spain

Using a Property Finder to Buy a House in Spain is a Clever Decision. Let Me Explain Why!

buy a house in spain

Wherever you are planning to buy a house in Spain, maybe Malaga, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, a reputable independent property finder:

  • will save you time.
  • will save you money.
  • will give you confidence.
  • will make your Spanish property search a much more enjoyable experience.

A reputable independent property finder is not influenced by sales commissions nor fast deals. Their role is to secure the best property for you, in the best location and at the best price.

The role of an independent Property Finder is not to sell you a house. That is the estate agent’s role.

When you buy a house in Spain:

  • the estate agent represents the seller before the buyer.
  • the estate agent is paid by the seller

As a result, the aim of the estate agent is to sell to you… that is their job and they are usually very good at it.

Some estate agents are so good at their job that you may sometimes feel that you should be buying what they are selling you, even though it is not what you are really looking for.

The best estate agents are great at promoting unbeatable deals. They know a bargain when they see one. However, is it really a bargain you are looking for?

An independent property finder will keep you focused. They will not let your heart rule your head. They will be the devil’s advocate. They will keep your feet on the ground. They will introduce you to the best estate agents and guide you through the process.

Oh, and they will of course help you find the best deal for you.

A recent email, from a lovely client, prompted me to share this post with you:

“Just to let you know. We went to the ‘Place in the Sun’ exhibition last Friday in Manchester. We met quite a few agents who were desperate to sell you something in Spain but we received so much conflicting information. The agents for Costa Blanca were saying don’t go near Costa del Sol/West of Malaga area as its too expensive and the Costa agents were saying don’t go round to the South-East or East of Spain as its too quiet and dead in the winter. Obviously they were trying to get you interested in buying within their patch so what we need is good solid independent advice which is where you come in.”

So, can you think of any reason why not to use an independent property finder to buy a property in Spain? My FREE initial consultation will eliminate any doubts you may have …

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