malaga 2023 best expat city

Málaga 2023 Expat City Ranking Highlights

As we mentioned in our previous post “8 Tips for Securing Your Ideal Rental Property in Malaga in 2024“, securing a good rental property is becoming increasingly challenging.

Read these Málaga 2023 Expat City Ranking Highlights to understand why …

malaga 2023 Expat City Ranking Highlights

In terms of overall excellence, Málaga 2023 outshines its competitors by securing the first place among 49 cities in the Expat City Ranking 2023. The city’s warm and welcoming locals contribute to its top position, with an outstanding 89% approval rating for local friendliness. This greatly surpasses the global average of 65%.

When it comes to forming social connections, Málaga 2023 boasts a lively and amicable community that ranks second in Finding Friends. Additionally, the city’s Quality of Life Index attests to its exceptional living standards, as it occupies the second position overall. 

Key achievements in the Quality of Life Index category include:

  • Dominating first place in Climate and Weather due to its highly desirable and widely admired climate.
  • Achieving a respectable eighth place in Natural Environment.
  • Providing a plethora of leisure options, which contributes to its second-place ranking in this subcategory.

In terms of Travel & Transit, Málaga differentiates itself from other cities by earning the 8th spot. The city also demonstrates a strong commitment to well-being, placing 10th in the Healthcare subcategory.

As for working abroad, Málaga occupies the 13th position overall. However, it compensates for this ranking by achieving first place in Work & Leisure. This is a testament to its dedication to work-life balance. 

The city settles for 41st place when it comes to Local Job Market. However, it excels once more in Work & Leisure by obtaining the top spot.

In the Expat Essentials Index, Málaga proudly secures the 7th position overall with remarkable aspects such as:

  • A favorable Housing Situation that ranks 6th, where expats find accommodations both easily accessible (11th) and extremely affordable (5th).
  • A thriving Personal Finance Index. Málaga emerges as a budget-friendly destination by taking first place and leading in general cost of living (1st).

When considering expatriate satisfaction, an impressive 88% of expats claim to be content with their life in Málaga, significantly surpassing the global average of 72%.

In conclusion, Málaga solidifies its position as an unparalleled destination for expats. The city offers a perfect life balance between a dynamic social life, exceptional quality of life, and affordable living costs, making it a highly sought-after location.


The Expat City Ranking is based on data collected for the Expat Insider 2023 survey, which was conducted by InterNations from 1 to 28 February 2023.

The online questionnaire was promoted through the InterNations community, the company’s newsletter, and its social media profiles. Responses were not limited to InterNations members. The target audience included all kinds of expats, from foreign assignees — i.e., employees sent on a corporate assignment abroad — and international hires to self-made expats relocating for a better quality of life and a variety of other reasons.

A total of 12,065 expats participated in the survey, representing 171 nationalities and living in 172 countries or territories worldwide. The results are published in the form of an overall Expat City Ranking, as well as additional information on five topical indices: Quality of Life, Ease of Settling In, Working Abroad, Personal Finance, and Expat Essentials.

A city needed a sample size of at least 50 survey respondents to be listed in any of the indices and the overall ranking. In 2023, 49 cities met this requirement.