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Do you plan to move to Spain in 2024? We are here to make it easier for you!

Welcome to Move to Malaga, your trusted partner in making your dream of moving to Spain in 2024 a reality! Embarking on a new chapter in a foreign land can be both thrilling and challenging, and we understand the importance of having a reliable guide by your side. 

Our team is here to ensure that your journey is not just a move but a seamless transition into a life you’ve always envisioned.

We’ve crafted this FAQ to address the most common queries you may have about your relocation. From visa assistance to finding the perfect home and navigating schooling options, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to provide you with clear and accurate information, helping you build confidence in your decision to make Spain your new home in 2024.

Our relocation services are available for both EU and non-Eu citizens.

1. How do I start the process of moving to Spain in 2024?

To begin your exciting journey to Malaga and the Costa del Sol, the first step is to complete our Initial Relocation Questionnaire. This comprehensive form helps us understand your specific needs and preferences, allowing us to tailor our services to ensure a smooth and successful move.

2. What types of relocation services does Move to Malaga offer?

Move to Malaga provides a range of relocation services, including visa assistance, housing search, school guidance, and more. Our team is dedicated to making your move as seamless as possible, handling every aspect of your relocation with expertise and care.

3. How can Move to Malaga assist with obtaining a visa for Spain?

We offer personalized visa assistance, guiding you through the application process and ensuring that all required documentation is in order. Our experts stay updated on the latest immigration regulations to provide you with accurate and timely information. (Read about your visa options here)

4. Can Move to Malaga help me find suitable accommodation?

Absolutely! Our team specializes in locating the perfect home for you on the Costa del Sol. From apartments to villas, we take into account your preferences, budget, and lifestyle to secure accommodation that suits your needs. We can assist with finding both rental properties and properties for sale.

5. What about schooling options for my children in Malaga?

We understand the importance of education for your children. We provide guidance on reputable international and local schools, helping you make informed decisions for your child’s academic journey. Our team is also able to assist you in submitting applications and paperwork for schools.

6. Are there any language barriers I should be concerned about?

While Spanish is the official language, many locals in Malaga speak English, and our team is multilingual. We’ll assist you in navigating any language challenges and ensure effective communication throughout your relocation process. We do however encourage you to learn the language as it enhances your enjoyment of living here.

7. How long does the relocation process typically take?

The duration of the relocation process can vary based on individual circumstances. However, our goal is to streamline the process and minimize any delays, working efficiently to have you settled into your new life in Malaga to best suit your needs.

8. What is the cost of living in Malaga compared to other European cities?

Malaga offers a favorable cost of living compared to many European cities. Our team can provide you with detailed information on living expenses, helping you make informed financial decisions for your move. Read the latest Cost of Living report from Numbeo HERE This useful report allows you to compare the cost of living in Malaga and other locations with your home town.

9. Can I bring my pets with me to Spain?

Yes, we understand the importance of furry family members. We can guide you through the pet relocation process. We ensure your pets meet all requirements for a smooth and stress-free transition. Please be warned that it is a lot more complicated to find a rental property in many areas if you have pets. Sourcing a suitable property to purchase however, is no problem at all.

10. Why should I trust Move to Malaga with my relocation?

We offer a trusted and experienced relocation service with a proven track record of successfully assisting individuals and families in moving to Malaga and the Costa del Sol. (Read some of our many testimonials here). Our personalized approach, attention to detail, and commitment to client satisfaction set us apart. Start your journey by completing our Initial Relocation Questionnaire, and let us make your move to Malaga a positive and memorable experience!


As you contemplate the exciting prospect of a possible move to Spain in 2024, we hope this FAQ has provided valuable insights and answers to your queries. At Move to Malaga, we take pride in our commitment to making your relocation experience as smooth as the waves of the Mediterranean. Our team is ready to guide you through every step. Thus ensuring that your move to Malaga and the Costa del Sol becomes an enjoyable adventure.

To kickstart your journey, please complete our Initial Relocation Questionnaire. This will enable us to tailor our services to your unique needs. Also, it sets the stage for a successful and stress-free transition. 

Trust in Move to Malaga, where expertise meets excellence. Let us turn your move to Spain into an enriching and unforgettable experience. Your dream life in Malaga awaits – contact us today and let the adventure begin!

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