Moving to Spain in 2023: Your First Step for Success?

Moving to Spain in 2023

Moving to Spain in 2023 is not as easy as it used to be. Sadly, Brexit has made it impossible for many UK citizens. Too many doors have been closed and too many dreams shattered.

Deciding where to live or which school to send your children to is no longer the biggest and most important decision to make (although they continue to be a high priority).

The first question you need to answer for successfully moving to Spain in 2023 and beyond (whilst the UK is no longer part of the EU) is “Which visa is my best option?”.

If you are a UK passport holder who plans to move to southern Spain in 2023 and beyond. Despite all the challenges that you have faced over the past years. We are here to help you.

Since the dramatic changes to NIE and residency applications and the necessity for visas,  as a result of Brexit,  we have continued to help many families, professionals, and retirees fulfill their dreams of successfully moving to Spain.

Which is Your Best Visa Option?

The most popular visas our customers have opted for, in the past few years,  are the Non-Lucrative Visa and the Golden Visa.

Today, the Non-Lucrative Visa continues to be the most popular option amongst retirees who can demonstrate sufficient funds to support themselves in Spain. This visa has also helped families relocate to Spain to enjoy quality time together, taking a sabbatical from their current employment. Some family business owners have managed to relocate using this visa and live off dividends paid to them by their UK-based business, whilst no longer being employed by said business. The NLV has also been used as an entry into Spain to later switch to another type of visa.

The Golden Visa has been most popular for those who are able to invest 500.000€ (minimum) in Spanish property. It has been the least complicated and smoothest option for those with the required funds. There is speculation that the Spanish Golden Visa may be phased out, as has happened in other countries but nothing is yet certain.

If you are interested in the Golden Visa as an easy option for obtaining residency in Spain before it is removed as an option :

The recent introduction of the long-awaited Digital Nomad Visa together with the Highly Qualified Visa or Highly Skilled Professional Visa has opened opportunities for people not wanting to invest in Spain but who want to continue working. The type of visa you need is determined by your employment and seeking professional advice is highly recommended.

What Next?

At Move to Malaga we have helped many people relocate successfully to southern Spain, despite all the continually changing rules and regulations. Since Brexit, we work closely with expert lawyers when necessary, to ensure you choose the best visa for your situation. 

Your first step for a Successful relocation to Spain in 2023 and beyond is your visa application! 

Once your visa is approved, or our lawyers advise us that your application will be successful, we take care of everything else for you. We work together to draw up your Plan of Action for a smooth relocation to Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

Moving to Spain in 2023 and beyond need not be any more complicated than it was pre-Brexit. However, it does require taking extra time and seeking expert advice to answer the visa issue. Mistakes are extremely costly, both financially and mentally.

Our personalised services are extremely limited and we can only guarantee to assist a small number of people each year. 

Please do not leave it until it is too late! 

We are here to help you!