Non Lucrative Visa spain: 10 Tips For A Successful Application

Applying for the non lucrative visa Spain may be your best option if you are planning on moving to Spain as a non-European passport holder. This now sadly also includes British residents.

It is a fairly simple procedure. Especially if you are organised and ensure you meet all of the requirements.

I have spent a few years speaking to lots of people planning to apply for the Spanish non lucrative visa.

A high percentage of the people I have spoken to are not eligible. They would have spent a lot of money on consulate fees, translating and notarising documents only to have been refused the visa.

Sadly, many people had also paid extensive legal fees. Yet they had to come to me to learn they were very unlikely to make a successful application.

On another note, those who were suitable candidates, and who I assisted, all had a successful outcome. Not, I must admit, in some cases, without a fight. 

In this article, based on my research, I will share my top tips for a successful NLV application in the United Kingdom.

If you are unfamiliar with the non-lucrative visa Spain application process, please read this article first:


1 – 5 …

  • ONE: You cannot work and earn an income. You cannot work remotely. You cannot work for yourself or any company within Spain nor in any other part of the world. Basically, you cannot work!

  • TWO: You must be able to prove that you can support yourself and any dependents. You do this by demonstrating your “passive” income (e.g. pension, investment funds, income from rental properties, etc.) and savings. You can find all the official financial requirements on our dedicated NLV website: Non-Lucrative Visa Spain.

  • THREE: If you have more than the required funds to support your case, do not be afraid to demonstrate this. The more the better. If you are successful with your visa application, you will become a Spanish tax resident and will be paying tax on your worldwide earnings so you have nothing to hide.

  • FOUR: Official translations and notarisations are only valid for 3 months from issue. The timing of your consulate appointment is extremely important. Allow for delays as currently there are many!

  • FIVE: Please request a recent marriage certificate, If you have been married for many years. This will enable you to prove that you are still married. (Yes, a couple were asked to prove this!)

6 – 10 …

  • SIX: You cannot apply to whichever consulate you prefer. You must apply at the consulate that corresponds to your address.

  • SEVEN: Owning a property in Spain does not entitle you to any extra rights for a non-lucrative visa Spain application. You cannot take the value of the property you own into consideration for the financial requirements. You can however include received rental payments as passive income. (You must provide documentary evidence).

  • EIGHT: Despite many rumors, savings are acceptable. However, documentary evidence must be provided to justify the source of any lump sums that appear on bank statements. This has been necessary for items such as house sales, the sale of an expensive watch, and a donation made by a family member.

  • NINE: You can use the non lucrative visa to test the water in Spain before deciding to invest in property and apply for the Golden Visa which allows you to decide where to be a tax resident, travel freely within the Schengen area, and also work in Spain (amongst other benefits). You cal also use it to spend time in Spain and then convert to a Work visa, such as the Highly Skilled Worker and the Entrepreneur Visa.

  • TEN: It is important to remember that the NLV is renewable for 5 years, after which time you can apply for Spanish residency. If your plan is to reside permanently in Spain, it is important to ensure you are able to support yourself for the next 5 years and to be able to demonstrate that at your visa renewals. The NLV is not simply to open the door for your entry into Spain, thinking that once here you can do as you please. Strict rules apply and you will need to demonstrate that you adhere to these rules, or risk having your renewal denied.

For more answers to Non-Lucrative Visa Spain FAQ’s please visit this page: FAQ’s NLV.

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