How To Save Money On Your Non Resident Mortgage In Spain

non resident mortgage in Spain

Are you looking for a non resident mortgage in Spain? Do you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall?

Do you feel like everybody is speaking a foreign language … not only Spanish?

Look no further. We are here to make your application for a non resident mortgage in Spain easier and a lot less painful and possibly even a bit cheaper!

In recent years, Spanish banks have been reluctant to give mortgages to both residents and non residents. Non residents were urged to apply for mortgages in their own country. However, the tide has turned and buying a property in Spain is within reach of more people thanks to the change in regulations.

At Move to Málaga, we have a strong professional relationship with Caixabank. They provide our clients with an excellent service across a variety of products.

They speak your language!

Our latest agreement, allows us to offer reduced “arrangement fees” on Caixabank mortgages taken out to purchase property using our Personal Property Finder service.

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About Caixabank non resident mortgage in Spain:

CaixaBank, the leading financial institution in Spain, can provide international clients, residents and non residents, with mortgages and bank accounts in Spain.

Indicative mortgage terms for Non Residents at CaixaBank in Spain.

–          Loan-to-Value:  up to 60% (*)of the net property price (the lesser between the purchase price and property valuation).

–          Available Mortgage Products: repayment & flexible & fixed rate mortgage. Early repayments are allowed without any restrictions.

–          Fixed Interest rate which can range from 3.30% down to 2.10%  (and it’s fixed for the full term of the loan!)

–          Arrangement fee: typically 1% of the loan amount (this is payable upfront on completion).

–          Term: up to 20 years

–          HolaBank Program benefits: international clients can take advantage of a number of services including:

  • bank account Living Solutions ( )
  • direct debits (for Spanish utility bills, local taxes, etc.)
  • Credit cards
  • home , health, life, and pets insurance
  • home security systems (in co-operation with Securitas Direct)
  • Online banking in English and some other 20 languages (French, German, Nordic languages, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, etc.)

(*) Mortgage underwriting subject to the receipt of satisfactory economical documentation, subject to property valuation and subject to formal sanction from the bank’s credit committee. For more information please visit HolaBank branches in Spain or send us an e-mail  to Alvaro Valera; or Jasmin Johansson;

non resident mortgages

If you would like to save money on your non resident mortgage in Spain, Contact Us   today to set up a free initial consultation.

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