Have You Ordered Your Own Personalised Plan of Action for Successfully Moving to Spain

Are you looking for tips for successfully moving to Spain? Do you want to make your relocation as easy as possible? What wouldn’t you do to ensure your move had no hidden surprises and unexpected extra costs?

At Move to Malaga, we really do make it easy for you.

Successfully moving to Spain is made simple by following your personalised “Plan of Action”

Imagine waking up to this most days ...
Imagine waking up to this most days …

What is the Personalised Plan of Action?

As the name states, your plan of action is designed specifically for you. Based on your requirements we start by helping you to choose the best area / town / village to live. There are several factors we will need to discuss directly with you to make this decision. These will include factors such as specific property needs; transportation; education requirements; budget and more …

Once we have shortlisted suitable areas, we plan visits for you, if time permits. Ideally, you will be contacting us at least 6 to 12 months before you plan to relocate. In this case, we would suggest at least one, preferably two, visits to the areas.

When the area has been decided, we will then focus on both educational and property options.

For families with children of school age, we organise appointments and visits to local schools, this includes Spanish state, private and International schools.

For Property Rentals: We will work together, using online portals and recommended local estate agents to shortlist the best long term rentals for you to visit. If you are unable to visit the properties, we can offer out *VIP video service (please note this will incur an extra charge).

For Property Purchase: We will work together to shortlist the best properties for you to visit on an inspection trip. We will contact the best agents on the areas you are interested in and will ensure you do not waste time visiting unsuitable properties. We ensure that no risks are taken.

In both cases, if necessary, we can assist with finding temporary accommodation until you secure a long term rental or purchase a property.

If you are renting a property, we will liaise and negotiate with agents to ensure that your contract is to your needs and that the rental price you are paying is within budget.

If you are purchasing a property we will ensure you have a reputable, independent, bilingual lawyer to advise you.

successfully moving to spain

In addition to the above relocation process, we are able to assist you with:

  • quotes for importing vehicles
  • NIE and Residency applications
  • opening bank accounts and money transfer
  • pet transportation
  • town hall registration / Padron certificate
  • insurance quotes
  • utility companies, phone and internet providers
  • setting up a business

We understand that every relocation has its own specific requirements. For this reason, we tailor our options to your needs.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that we are not able to assist everyone. In order to maintain our excellent reputation and high level of service, we have only a couple of vacancies each month.

So, what are your next steps?

  1. Contact Us and request our Initial Relocation Questionnaire
  2. Complete the Initial Relocation Questionnaire and return it to us.
  3. Book your flight, for your initial visit and take the first step towards successfully moving to Spain!