About Our Property Finder Spain Services

Firstly, we would like to advise you that we are not estate agents. We are property finders.

  • We do not sell property.
  • We help you find your ideal property in the best location.
  • We save you time.
  • We save you money.
  • We make it safe and enjoyable.
Malaga real estate
Many villas in Mijas enjoy breathtaking mountain and sea views

Our property finders services are very personalised and we only take on a handful of cases each year. This allows us to dedicate all the time you need to ensure you find the best property for you. This may take a couple of weeks or it may take a couple of years. It all depends on what you are looking for, your plans, and your timescale.

  • Once you are clear on how we can help you in your property search, we can arrange a video call and then prepare a plan of action.
  • The ultimate aim of the plan of action is to have a shortlist of ideal properties to view, in the best locations for you,  by the time you can arrange a visit.
  • Please be advised that we prefer to focus on finding you the best location/area before focusing on finding your ideal property.
  • From experience, too many people are sold lovely houses in not the ideal location. This can be a costly mistake.
  • We will speak to local reputable agents in the areas you are considering and we will also search online portals.
  • We will help you to eliminate unsuitable properties, using our local knowledge, our extended professional network, and our trusted contacts.
  • We will also help negotiate the best price, once a suitable property has been found.

Our role is to co-ordinate your property search from start to finish. We will make it easy and enjoyable, eliminating all elements of risk that can sometimes be involved.

  • Once we have established your requirements, we are also able to visit properties on your behalf to take photos and videos, if you are unable to visit.
  • We also arrange for you to talk with reputable local property lawyers who can guide you on the property purchase laws.

How Do You Secure Our Property Finder Spain Services?

Once we have received details about what you are looking for, discussed details via Skype,  and assessed feasibility, we will ask for a retainer of 495€.

This retainer is merely you agreeing to conduct your property search through ourselves. It saves you money in the long run!

Upon receipt of the retainer, we will work together on your personal plan of action.

What about Property Finder Fees?

Our fees are 2.5% of the purchase price, with a minimum fee of €4000. (excluding VAT)

However, on the Costa del Sol, these fees are covered by the sales agent, ie. the estate agent selling the property. Sales commissions here are generally 5% and are included in the advertised sales price. Upon completion of a successful sale, this 5% is split between the sales agent and the property finder who introduces the purchasers (ie. us).

As a result, our invaluable services are available to you at a cost of only €495.

So, What Next?

Simply, send us an email (click that link), providing the following information and we will arrange a suitable time to have a Skype Video Call and we can work from there …

  1. What kind of property are you looking for? apartment/townhouse/villa/finca etc
  2. Minimum Nº bedrooms and bathrooms?
  3. Ideal location? ie. country/seafront / close to amenities
  4. Ideal budget?
  5. Will you be renting the property out when you are not using it?
  6. Which areas are you interested in? How well do you know these areas?
  7. When do you plan to visit?

We look forward to making your property purchase experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible!

Contact us now and let us make it easier for you!

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