Spanish driving licence duplicate

How To Replace a Lost or Stolen Spanish Driving Licence

If you need a duplicate of your Spanish driving licence and want a quick option then just contact your local “gestor de automoviland they will do everything for you .

We advise anyone moving to or already living in Spain to have a local gestor to help out with paperwork. Their services are generally not expensive and they can save you a lot of time!

If you are happy to sort it out yourselves, follow these simple instructions to obtain a duplicate of your Spanish licence.

Documents required:

  1. Print off and complete the required form HERE  . Submit this at your nearest Jefatura de Tráfico office. Read the instructions given HERE (in English).
  2. Pay the corresponding tax at your local Jefatura de Tráfico office (approx 20€)
  3. Identity documents: Valid passport and residency document.
  4. 2 passport style photographs

The personal details required as per other Spanish paperwork ie. Name, address, sex, NIE.

spanish driving licence

In the “Motivo de la Solicitud” section, indicate the reason for requesting a duplicate Spanish driving licence:

  • Extravío = Loss,
  • Deterioro = Damaged,
  • Sustracción = Theft,
  • Cambio de Domicilio = Change of address,
  • Variación en nombre/apellidos = Name change,
  • Otros = others.

The document must be signed and dated on the dotted line at the bottom.

Do not hesitate to Contact Us if you require any further assistance.