How To Save Time and Money Buying Property in Spain

How To Save Time and Money Buying Property in Spain

Is buying property in Spain on your “To Do” list? Are looking for a place to escape to? Somewhere to spend valuable time with your loved ones? A lifestyle change, be it a permanent one or simply a bolt hole you look forward to escaping to when time permits?

Does this feel like an insurmountable challenge? A task that requires too much of your time? Time that you feel can be better utlilised elsewhere?

You probably have heard stories about purchasers being dragged around totally unsuitable properties. Wasting precious time, not to mention the continuous costs of hotels, flights, car rental …

That all stops here.

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At “Move To”, we save you time and money when buying property in Spain. Our Personal Property Finder service is the solution you have been looking for.

“Having experienced the services provided by Lisa I can thoroughly recommend her. You might be surprised to find not all estate agents are there to help you. They tend to promote the properties that they want to sell rather than the one you wish to buy. However Lisa will converse with all the estate agents and will view the properties with you. Therefore will quickly pick-up on your requirements which saves time and money. Also she provides an abundance of information about the area from schools to restaurants plus everything else.  The help continues after your purchase with recommendations of builders and furniture shops e.t.c. With good contacts (i.e. lawyers, currency dealers) and all are reliable and trustworthy. I was very fortunate to find Lisa and can’t imagine going through the whole experience of buying in Spain without her. I hate to say it ‘ she’s GREAT’.”

 Why should you use our Personal Property Finder service when buying property in Spain?

You will benefit from the fact that:

  • we listen to you
  • we fully understand your needs
  • you will answer questions you may not have thought to ask yourself
  • we will help you understand your priorities
  • we are honest and realistic
  • you will not be given false hopes
  • we are experts in our local areas
  • you will have excellent legal support that ensures there are no hidden surprises, now or in the future.
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How does our Personal Property Finder service for buying property in Spain work?

  • Your first step is to contact us and request a Skype consultation
  • We will discuss your requirements and timeframe
  • We will work together to prepare a targeted shortlist of suitable properties for viewing.
  • We will prepare maps and itineraries for your visit, ensuring you are totally happy and informed about location.
  • We will be on hand the whole time but we encourage independence.
  • We will view properties with you, acting as devil’s advocate and ensuring you are aware of essential details, before making any decisions.
  • We will arrange a meeting with a reputable, independent property lawyer.
  • We will negotiate on your behalf.
  • We will help you make the best decisions.

“We used Lisa and her company to assist us in finding our perfect Spanish holiday home. Lisa has a dedicated passion to make sure that we found our ideal apartment in a short space of time and we have no hesitation in recommending Lisa to anyone looking to purchase a property in Spain. Highly professional and attentive throughout the whole process”


What else do you need to know about our Personal Property Finder service when buying property in Spain?

  • We currently offer our Personal Property Finder service in: Malaga and Costa del Sol, Cadiz and Costa de La Luz, Alicante and Costa Blanca.
  • As this is a very personalized service, availability is limited.
  • We are only able to accept purchasers who are in a position to move forward with the purchase, as soon as a suitable property is found.
  • We require an initial non-refundable deposit of €495 (plus IVA) once we agree to work together. (Read more about our fees here)
  • We reserve the right to decline any requests that we do not feel we can fulfill.

Many people who use our  Personal Property Finder service when buying property in Spain are time-poor.

Their time is precious.

Time is money.

Contact Us Now and let us help you save time and money buying property in Spain.