Precautions to take when searching the internet for houses for sale in Malaga

houses for sale in Malaga

Currently, around 2000 people per month carry out an internet search for houses for sale in Malaga. If you swap Malaga for Spain, that number multiplies to over 18000. That is a lot of people looking for something like you …

Fortunately, there continues to be a lot of property for sale in Spain, and a wide range of houses for sale in Malaga and the Costa del Sol. 

In fact, many people struggle to find their ideal property as they feel overwhelmed by what is on offer. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused about which is the best step forward?

Don’t worry. We will make it easier for you …

When looking for the houses for sale in Malaga and the Costa del Sol, the big W.W.W can both help or hinder your search process:

  • Properties in Malaga are often advertised by a multitude of agents so how do you know who the listing agent is? Ie. the person who really knows the property. Hours can be lost driving round in circles with an agent who doesn’t know where a property is as they haven’t visited it before. 
  • Many properties that are advertised on the major portals are simply clickbait. They are often no longer for sale but they are used to capture your details, in hope of reeling you in and bombarding you with even more options. Sound familiar?
  • Don’t start me on photographs and the tricks of the trade. That huge bedroom (shot with a wide angle lense). That beautifully bright kitchen (shot with all the lights on and huge flashlight)
  • On the other hand, some settings simply cannot be appreciated from photographs. This is particularly true for country properties. That feeling you get as you step outside of the door and are overwhelmed by a stunning natural view that literally goes for miles. On the flip side, those overhead pylons or ugly neighbouring scrapyards rarely feature in the online images, nor does the noise from a close by motorway.
  • Believe me, pop over to some Spanish portals and have a look at what they post to sell a property … have a giggle! Like this 365.000€ apartment in Malaga Capital

Joking aside, internet research can be fun and exciting but it can also take a lot of your time. If you have time to waste then that’s great but if time is of the essence, you need to fine-tune your internet search techniques. (Ask for details of our personal property finder service).

As personal property finders, we have spent a lot of time scouring the internet for properties that suit our purchaser’s brief. However, that is only the starting point. We use the internet as an initial search tool to get a feel for the type of property you are looking for. However, the property you are looking for is often not so easy to find. It may also be a property you originally discard due to inaccurate images on the internet but if we feel it is worth you viewing we will keep it in mind. Trust us, we will find you the property you are looking for.

Here are a few starter tips for looking on the internet for houses for sale in Malaga:

  • Decide on location based on personal requirements. Holiday home, permanent home, rental investment …
  • Have a clear list of you “like to haves” and “must haves”
  • Set your budget and stick to it (remember to allow for purchase costs)
  • Look at some portals to get a feel of achievability in each of your target areas ( ,
  • Contact advertising agents to ensure they are the listing agent, and clarify doubts etc about specific properties
  • Make a shortlist of your preferred properties
  • Plan viewing trips that allow you time to not only visit houses for sale in Malaga but also to get to know the different areas too!
  • Remember, you can change a property but you cannot change its location.
  • And finally, take your time!

If you are serious about finding your ideal property in Malaga or the Costa del Sol, follow our advice and you will not be disappointed.