What will happen to the Spain Golden Visa in 2023?

spain golden visa in 2023

Recent news on the Spain Golden Visa in 2023 is that …

“The Spanish government has admitted it’s considering two alternatives: abolishing the “golden visa” altogether or doubling to €1 million the minimum amount of investment required.” 

Reference: Forbes

Are you considering investing in Spain and seeking an opportunity to reside, work, or even obtain citizenship? Look no further than the Spain Golden Visa (GV) program, before it may be too late!

Designed to attract affluent investors from around the world, the Golden Visa offers a range of unique advantages. These advantages set it apart from other visa options in Spain.

We are currently helping many non-EU purchase Spanish property as the first step in their Spanish Golden Visa application. This option is particularly popular with British, American, and Canadian citizens. Use the contact form below to secure your place before it is too late!

The main reasons why applying for a Spanish Golden Visa in 2023 is ideal for you and your family…

Extended Stay: Beyond the 90/180-Day Limit

The Golden Visa program allows you to stay in Spain beyond the 90/180-day limit that applies to other visa categories. This gives you the freedom to immerse yourself in Spain’s lifestyle for an extended period, without needing to constantly monitor your stay duration.

No Minimum Stay Requirement: Tailor Your Stay

The Golden Visa eliminates the requirement for a minimum stay in Spain. Whether you prefer a short visit or an extended sojourn, the choice is entirely yours. You can spend as little as one day or stay longer.

Unrestricted Access: Enjoy Travel Freedom

With a Golden Visa, you gain unrestricted access to Spain. Thus allowing you to enter and exit the country at your convenience. This privilege also extends to overriding travel restrictions, such as flight bans. This means you can travel to Spain even during unforeseen circumstances, such as the Covid pandemic.

Work Opportunities: Pursue Your Professional Goals

Unlike other visas that prohibit work in Spain, the Golden Visa grants you and your family the option to pursue professional opportunities in the country. You can establish a business, seek employment, or engage in entrepreneurial endeavors. The Golden Visa provides the flexibility and autonomy to follow your career aspirations.

Tax Benefits: Freedom from Tax Residency

One significant advantage of the Golden Visa in Spain is that it does not automatically make you a tax resident in the country. This benefit appeals to investors who prefer not to bear the burden of paying taxes in Spain. By acquiring a Golden Visa, you can enjoy the perks of residency without the obligation of becoming a tax resident. (Speak to a financial advisor for expert advice).

Expedited Processing: Efficient Residency Acquisition

The Golden Visa application process is known for its swift turnaround time. Unlike other visa applications that often endure lengthy processing periods, Golden Visas are often granted in under one month. This efficient processing ensures that you can swiftly obtain your residency permit and embark on your new life in Spain without unnecessary delays.

Inclusive for the Whole Family: Family Unity

The Golden Visa program recognizes the importance of family unity. As a primary applicant, you can include your spouse, children, and even sometimes ascendants (grandparents)* as dependents, subject to certain criteria. This inclusivity can mean that your entire family can benefit from the advantages and opportunities that come with the Golden Visa.

Path to Permanent Residency: Establishing Long-Term Roots

One of the benefits of the Golden Visa is the option to apply for permanent residency in Spain. By fulfilling certain requirements, such as a specified period of residency and meeting integration criteria, you can apply for permanent residency. This pathway allows you to establish long-term roots in Spain, enjoy stability, and access a range of social benefits and services available to residents.


The Spain Golden Visa in 2023 continues to provide numerous advantages for affluent investors seeking residency, work opportunities, and potential pathways to permanent residency or Spanish citizenship. From tax benefits and extended stay options to work permits and streamlined application processes, the Golden Visa offers a gateway to a fulfilling and enriching life in Spain. Whether you desire a second home or a change in lifestyle, the Spain Golden Visa opens doors to a world of possibilities. But don’t wait too long as we do not know what is around the corner!

Consult with our immigration experts to embark on your journey towards securing a Golden Visa in Spain and unlocking new opportunities in this captivating country.

***Please note that the information provided in this article is based on general knowledge and research. Immigration policies and regulations are subject to change, and it is advisable to consult with immigration experts or official sources for the most up-to-date information regarding the Spain Golden Visa program.

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