Options For Non EU Immigration To Spain

Non EU Immigration To Spain is on the increase since Spain approved the Golden Visa for Spanish Residency. If you are from outside the European Union, the golden visa means that you can buy residency in Spain for just over €500,000. It is aimed primarily at buyers...

Spanish Residency Permit now easier for Non EU Members

Buy a Property in Spain and receive your Spanish Residency Permit! Is this the beginning of the end of the nightmare application Spanish Residency Permit Application procedures for non EU citizens? This could be really great news for non EU citizens wanting to start a...

Information about NIE and Residency in Spain

A Sample of Our How To Apply for NIE and Residency in Spain Guide is FREE to anyone signing up for our Moving to Spain Hints & Tips. If you are an EU passport holder and would like updated information about NIE and Residency applications in Spain, the following...

Spain Starter Pack

Help in Spain … At Move to Malaga, we understand how daunting Spanish bureaucracy can appear, especially when you first arrive in Spain. We also know how “getting it right, from the beginning” can make the difference between a successful and...
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