5 Reasons to Invest in Spanish Residency

5 Reasons to Invest in Spanish Residency

  Investing in the economy of a country to gain permanent residency has become a route for many savvy entrepreneurs who wish to gain access to markets that were often closed to them, based on nationality. Non-EU citizens were unable to settle in countries such as...
The Spanish Golden Visa: Answers to FAQs

The Spanish Golden Visa: Answers to FAQs

Once again, Spain’s property market is booming. Investors from many countries and also people looking for a better lifestyle are turning to Spain as an ideal destination to purchase property . The Spanish Golden Visa remains a popular option for non-EU citizens...

Options For Non EU Immigration To Spain

Non EU Immigration To Spain is on the increase since Spain approved the Golden Visa for Spanish Residency. If you are from outside the European Union, the golden visa means that you can buy residency in Spain for just over €500,000. It is aimed primarily at buyers...

Spanish Residency Permit now easier for Non EU Members

Buy a Property in Spain and receive your Spanish Residency Permit! PLEASE NOTE: This article was published in 2012! Current information on Spanish Residency via investment can be found HERE: https://movetomalagaspain.com/the-spanish-golden-visa-answers-to-faqs/ Is...
U.S. Consular Agency in Malaga

U.S. Consular Agency in Malaga

The U.S. Consular Agency in the Malaga province is located in Fuengirola: Avenida Juan Gómez “Juanito”, 8Edificio Lucía 1º-C29640 Fuengirola (Málaga), Spain conagencymalaga@telefonica.net Tel.: +34 952 47 48 91      Fax: +34 952 46 51 89 Opening hours:...

Americans in Spain

Residency, Visas and Permits for Americans in Spain: Americans on Spain, who are visiting for a period less than three months, can travel visa free. However, Spanish authorities may require proof of funds or a return or onward travel ticket. If a visit needs to be...
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