Buying property in Spain and moving to Spain can be compared to a fairground ride. The question is … will it be a fun ride that you enjoy or one that has you shrieking in frustration and fear?

It goes without saying that research and planning are fundamental for a successful proeprty search and relocation. And do not listen to anyone who says you are doing too much research!

Whether purchasing property or moving to Spain on your own, as a couple or with your family, you can always benefit from a helping hand.

We are not only offering you a helping hand, we are giving you the opportunity to benefit from my knowledge and expertise in a flexible and affordable manner.

Are you uncertain how to avoid the pitfalls people buying property and moving to Spain are faced with, the expensive mistakes? Baffled by the infamous Spanish bureaucratic system, the endless red tape? Are you certain you have chosen the best area to live? How about selecting the best school for your children? What about NIE and residency? There is so much conflicting information published on the web and in expat publications!

And, what about all the risks involved in purchasing property in Spain? Are they really risks?

Don’t worry.

We can easily help clear up all these doubts and uncertainties. We have just what you need to make your proprty purcase and move to Spain a success. With our assistance, you’ll soon be living and loving your life in your new home in Spain, as much as we do.

What can we help you with when planning your move to Spain?

  • Choosing the best location for you
  • Finding your ideal property
  • School selection and enrolment procedures
  • NIE and Residency applications
  • Sources for learning Spanish
  • Vehicle and driving licence requirements
  • Bringing your pets to Spain
  • Bank accounts and transferring funds
  • Setting up or purchasing a business
  • Insurance quotes

NOTE: Consultation fees are deducted from the price of a Property Finder or Relocation Package when you are ready to move forward! We are here when you need us.



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