If you are a regular reader of my various blogs, including www.familylifeinspain.com, you will know that I love where we live and take every opportunity to promote the area.

A few months ago I was contacted via a TV production company. They were planning to shoot an episode of Escape to the Continent 2014, in Spain, for the BBC. Their destination was inland Malaga.

Like most of these programmes, they were planning to visit in the Axarquia region of East Malaga. This is where property prices are notably lower that on the western Costa del Sol and where people considering inland malaga often start their search. The inland Costa del Sol region is not as well known.

Although time was tight and filming was imminent, I managed to source them a local location assistant and also to change the planned focus area. (Yep, I was happy with that result!)

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When I initially suggested the inland Costa de Sol area of Malaga, Lizzie, the researcher, seemed reluctant. The Costa del Sol is not known for its interior. Most programmes advertise the glitz and glamour of Marbella and the high rise coastal resorts with their huge proportion of foreign residents and visitors. Nevertheless I was determined to show them a slice of life that maybe they were missing out on, something hidden and quite special.

Once I sent links and photographs of the area, the plan was soon changed.

Escape to the Continent 2014

Obviously, I was hoping to feature Mijas pueblo, our beautiful whitewashed village, set on the hillside with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. However, despite the purchasers having a “reasonable” budget for this area, I advised them that they would not find what they were looking for in Mijas itself.

I suggested looking at the areas of Monda and Alhaurin el Grande. I was confident that they would find some great options there. I also supplied them with names and contact details of our colleagues who have a deep and detailed knowledge of the area.

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Despite being asked many times to appear on the show, I politely declined. I wasn’t quite ready for my TV debut …

Here is the final result: Escape to the Continent 2014 featuring Mijas and Inland Malaga …

Escape to the Continent S01E14 Malaga, Spain por DemonPreyer

I was very happy to see that Mijas Pueblo was heavily featured throughout the programme, even though they did not look at property there.

All in all, I think the programme portrayed the area pretty well. It is stunning and you need to visit to appreciate it. I’m lucky, I see it every day and the TV show was lucky to be able to see it through the prism of somebody who knows and loves the area, rather than just an agent trying to sell what is on their books. At Spanish Property Network, that’s how we work!

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Just one thing though, please ignore the advice given re healthcare and vehicles by the lovely guys from the chocolate factory! They are, let’s be nice about it, mistaken 😉

So, if you are thinking of buying a property in the Malaga region and would like guidance on the best area for you, just contact me and I’ll find you what you are looking for. No gimmicks. No time wasting. Just sound, informative advice.

Oh and if you want something really special … come and visit my pueblo, Mijas! For more specific details about living in Mijas, visit www.movetomijas.com


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