30 bed, 30 bath Finca - Cortijo in Ardales
Located in Ardales, Spain

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Impressive country estate close to Málaga, possibility to build

Rural property of 313 hectares (3.130.000 m2 or 773,44 acres) located in the Municipality or Ardales in Málaga Province.

It has buildings of more than 2,500 m2 built, within a Non-Developable Land without special protection. It is possible, therefore, to develop transformation projects in it, allowing the construction of between 10 and 15 independent villas, a hotel and/or a large equestrian center. The entire area of the land is currently used for rainfed cereal cultivation (190 ha) and olive groves (80 ha), with the rest being used for forest and pasture. The estate is also an authorised hunting area in operation.

The land is now aimed for cereal (1.900.000 m2) and olive grove (800.000 m2), leaving a wide area to free spaces of grassy scrubland mature trees hills. Besides that, the property is a running hunting ground, fully authorized. It is actually zoned as a rural (non-urban) area under no special limitations. Due to the lack of any special urban constraints, the plot may be subject to urban activities or transformation.

The estate is located at the bottom (but out) of the Sierra de las Nieves, a Nature Reserve legally protected as a National Park —one of the 17 existing in Spain—, a place of a unique beauty and very rare natural conditions: it is even possible to see wild mountain goats on the fields —not to mention the extraordinary play of boars and deers actually hunted in the existing hunting ground of the estate. A Spanish firs colony, the southernmost of Europe, spreads out just a few meters away from the boundaries. By the other side of the land, to the West, the property is surrounded by a governmental mountain of public use —entitled to the Agencia Andaluza del Agua—, colonized by a magnificent Mediterranean pine forest, fully protected and publicly open without any restriction; an area that truly extents the possibilities of beneficial use and enjoyment of the plot, in an extraordinary manner. In any case, the estate is outside the territory subject to restrictions as a result of the National Park, and is therefore not affected by those restrictions.

The estate has a very addecuate location regarding the infrastructures of the area: just 10 minutes away from the town of Ardales and, from there, 30 minutes far from the Málaga Airport by the new Málaga-Sevilla highway (fully approved and partially built through the first 30 kms. stretch), 20 minutes away to the high-speed train Santa Ana Station (AVE), in Antequera, and 1 hour from Marbella.

Through the very estate, it runs the Turón river, the most important tributary of the main Málaga dam (pantano del Guadalhorce), a very stable watercourse, with a significant water level, which provides its habitat to the wild mustelids that can be seen on its banks; an important river of limpid waters that runs among ponds, small lakes and noisy waterfalls, shaping an alluring nature gully, crowned by rugged rock formations that give its name to the estate ("La Laja del Turón"); rock walls that are one of the preferred destinations for the climbing sport in Málaga province.

In the estate, there is a very large farmhouse, in a good state of conservation and in full farming service: it is equipped with two service dwellings, of moderated dimensions, several well connected farm buildings, of about 2.500 m2, with a detached box stalls building for housing horses. The plot is provided with another two former farms wrecks, quite distant to each other. All of the buildings are legally subject to reconstruction, that will allow the execution of any kind of farm or ranch, with its complementary farm facilities.

30 bed, 30 bath Finca - Cortijo in Ardales

For Sale


30 Beds
30 Baths
Built Area 2170 m²