Follow our simple step by step instructions to apply for a Social Security number in Spain without having to pay a translator or a lawyer.

To locate a Social Security office in your area, Click Here.

We currently use the TA1  form, shown below, to apply for a Social Security number in Spain,

To download a copy of the TA.1 form,  to fill in online, or to print off and complete:  Click Here.

Social Security Number in Spain

The above application form has been completed with fictional details for the following person who is applying for a Social Security number in Spain:

  • Name:  Thomas Marshall
  • NIE Nº(1.4) :   X1234567Z
  • Sex (1.2) : Male   (please note:  H= Male and M = Female)
  • Date of Birth : 5th May 1955 (please note date format)
  • Place of Birth:   Sheffield
  • Country of Birth:  United Kingdom
  • Father´s Name:   Arnold
  • Mother´s Name:  Hilary
  • Nationality: British      (please note UK is quoted not GB)
  • Address in Spain (1.8):  22, Calle La Republica. Torremolinos. 12345 Málaga.
  • (1.9) Request information to be sent via SMS to 600100100

 Social Security Number in Spain

 Section 2. In this example, Thomas Marshall is simply applying for a Social Security number   (Asignación de número de Seguridad social), he is not signing up to make social security payments (Afiliación a la Seguridad social).

A copy and original of both NIE/Residency certificate and passport is attached.

Section 3. In this case, all postal notifications will be sent to the address in section 1.

Remember to add a postal address in Section 3 if you do not receive post at your home address. (ie. if you live in a remote area or have a PO Box).

Social Security Number in Spain


Once the application has been successfully submitted, you will receive the document shown in the image above. with your Spanish social security number written in the box. It will be dated and stamped.

The above information should allow you to apply for a Social Security number in  Spain without having to pay a translator or a lawyer.

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