In this post we are going to show you how to book your NIE appointment online. Please note that these instructions can also be followed to book your residency application online.

Step 1: Enter the official portal for booking your NIE appointment online.

Enter using the link:

Do not worry when you see the “Not secure” warning sign. Spain is different remember 😉

NIE appointment online

Step 2: Select your province.

Using the drop down box, select the province in which you live. In this example, we are using Malaga

Then, press “Aceptar”

NIE appointment online

Step 3 : Choose your application type

Using the dropdown box, select the application you wish to submit.


At the time of writing this, all British Citizens must choose the option “POLICIA-CERTIFICADOS-EU (EXCLUSIVAMENTE REINO UNIDO)”

Then, press “Aceptar”

NIE appointment online

NIE appointment online

Step 4: Read the notes

The notes below state that you must attend the appointment with your application forms completed, with a copy of the forms, all required documentation and with corresponding taxes duly paid.

Then, press “Entrar”.

NIE appointment online

Step 5: Complete your personal details.

Complete the details below:

Type of document: If you already have an NIE and are applying for residency, use your NIE as the document number. If you do not have an NIE, use your passport number.

Ensure you your document number and names are inputted identically to the ID document you will produce at the appointment.

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Do not use spaces or special characters in your ID number.

Press the square next to “No soy un robot!

The, once you have checked all the details, press “Aceptar”.

NIE appointment online

Step 6: Request an NIE appointment online

In this example, we have used the name JOAN SMITH, with passport number 12345678

You can now choose to:

  • Request an appointment
  • Consult confirmed appointments
  • Cancel an appoiintment
  • Exit

NIE appointment online

Step 7: Select where you want your appointment.

Using the dropdown box, select where you would like you appointment. In this exapmle, we have selected Marbella.

Then, press “Siguiente”

NIE appointment online

Step 8: Confirm your contact details.

NIE appointment online

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