If you are planning to move to Spain, finding the answer to the question how to apply for NIE or Residency should be on the top of your “To DO” list. This does not need to be a complicated nor costly matter.

We have made it easy and very affordable for you! 

This simple to follow, step by step guide will allow you to ensure your first application for NIE or residency in Spain is successful.

Whether you just want to ensure you have the correct documentation to submit to a lawyer or you are happy to complete the application yourself, our simple instructions will guide you through the process.

The procedure for EU Citizens is pretty simple but it gets more complicated for non-EU spouses of EU Citizens and even more so for non-EU Citizens. However, this concise 20-page pdf will provide you with the details you need to make a successful application.

The Topics Covered are:

  • Introduction
  • What is an NIE Number and do I need one?
  • Should I apply for NIE or Residency?
  • How to apply for an NIE…
  • NIE Application: Step by step instructions to complete the EX15
  • How to apply for Residency …
  • Residency Application: Step by step instructions to complete EX18
  • Giving up Spanish Residency
  • For non-EU Citizens:
  • Applying for Residency as spouse/direct relative of an EU Citizen
  • An Introduction to the Golden Visa
  • Contact Details


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