Tap Into An App To Map Your Move to Spain And Safely Purchase Property

Our brand new Move To Spain App has been launched to help you safely purchase property and also make the move to Spain. Move to Malaga is a bright and informative guide to provide advice about Malaga, the Costa del Sol  and moving to Spain.

Our Move to Malaga app, available in the Apple store and Google Play Store, is a handy pocket edition of our Move to Malaga website with hints and tips for moving to Spain. It is run by relocation consultant and personal property finder Lisa Sadleir who helps people find and buy their ideal home as well as deal with the tangled web of Spanish red tape such as getting an NIE number, residency and opening a bank account.

The Move to Malaga app is like having the services of a professional property finder and travel guide in your pocket 24/7. Information about moving to Spain, purchasing property and even the weather is just a tap away.

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Although we know moving to Spain is a very exciting adventure, we also know there are a few hiccups along the way when trying to find information about where to go, how to deal with public services or even where the nearest pharmacy can be found. Many people turn to Facebook groups to ask these questions and often get bombarded with conflicting information.

That is where our Move to Malaga app really helps.

This is a really handy app with plenty of images so you can see what you are buying into when you move to Malaga. There are videos where you can meet Lisa ‘virtually’ as she talks about the area and buying property in Spain. You can see Lisa as a person with a human touch and very professional air.

There’s a very informative video called A-Z of Spain running through interesting and useful information on Spain, which opens up many more facets to this fascinating country. For instance, did you know that Spain has the second highest number of World Heritage Sites in the world? Or that home schooling is illegal? 

The app is very easy to navigate around with quick links to all the information about buying and moving to Spain. Once you have been inspired, you will find a link to contact Lisa so she can help you to find your ideal home while offering advice on the best areas to move to, schools for the children and answering any other questions you may have.

The app has useful interactive maps and GPS, so you can see all the nearby services such as shops and restaurants in relation to your home.  There’s also travel advice with links to updated flight times.

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You can keep an eye on the weather too. Although, as Malaga has more than 320 days of sunshine, it may be more useful to share the weather updates with your friends back home to let them know what they’re missing.

You can even read up on the news so you are well-informed about your new destination.

And so you don’t miss a thing, there are links on the app to the Move to Malaga website and social media profiles.

To top it all, all of this information is free. You can download the Move to Malaga App by clicking the images below …

This app will only be free for a limited time so don’t miss out!

move to malaga              move to malaga


Click to download for iOS                                            Click to download for Android

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