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  • We work for you, the buyer. Not the vendor.
  • We are not agents. We do not list property.
  • We eliminate stress and risks..
  • We will make your Spanish property search an enjoyable experience.
  • We save you time and money.
  • We help you avoid common pitfalls.
  • We know how to spot a lemon!
  • We will find your ideal home in Spain in the perfect location for you!

What is a Property Finder?

A Property Finder represents you, the buyer, in a property purchase. The term is more common in the United Kingdom. In the United States, the situation is referred to as buyer brokerage or buyer’s agent, and in Australia it is known as Buyer Advocacy.

Property Finders specialise in sourcing and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer. A Property Finder develops an in-depth understanding of a client’s requirements and then helps find a property which best matches these requirements.

Property Finders /Buyers’ Agents originated in the United States during the early 1990s and have grown to become involved in over 67% of property transactions there. In recent years, stemming primarily from the relocation industry, property finders now have a prominent involvement in property purchases and rentals across Europe.

A good property finder saves you time and money.

Why do you need a Property Finder?

As Property Finders in Spain we manage and lead the property search process, speak to agents, private sellers and search property portals (some of which are not public), saving you hours and hours of research.

  • We filter out unsuitable properties so you only view those that match your criteria. Saving you wasted visits.
  • We have good working relationships with a network of selected estate agents throughout Malaga and Andalucía. Estate agents like property finders because – as fellow professionals in property, neither has any interest in wasting the others time (for them it’s a job not a hobby).
  • We have quicker access to new properties, which agents are taking on and access to “off market” properties.
  • We have “Inside knowledge.” We know the area inside out. We know the potential pitfalls. We will ensure you avoid buying a lemon.
  • We have negotiating tactics and skills. And will handle all conversations on your behalf and advise on which approach is best. We are unemotional (unlike you) and experienced at negotiating, so we won’t fall for the “there are lots of interested buyers” trick.
  • We will get your offer taken more seriously, in a competitive property market
  • We have tons of resources including a video series on buying in Spain to take you through the process

We can only say that our property purchase and relocation from China to Spain has been made very easy, by the expert guidance and advice we have received from Lisa and the Move to Malaga team. We would not have been able to get everything done as smoothly without them.
We cannot say THANK YOU enough, for all the efforts and help to make our Spanish property purchase and relocation to Southern Spain smooth and effortless. We highly recommend anybody looking to purchase property and relocate to Southern Spain to contact Move to Malaga, to ensure the move goes smoothly.
Read their story…
Lars & Emma Visisten

What areas do we cover?

As Property Finder Malaga and Costa Del Sol we focus on locations that we know inside out. In which we can pick up the phone to the best agents in the area. Where we know every urbanisation or residential area that is worth considering, where the best schools are, and the best investment opportunities.

We cover the province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol. From inland country areas to beachside resorts. 

Whether you are looking for a penthouse in Marbella, a sprawling finca in the mountains, a bed and breakfast investment in Alhaurin el Grande, or a city residence in Málaga, we’ll scout out the location and the property that matches your exact needs. 

How to secure our Property Finder Malaga and Costa Del Sol services

Before we get started: We want to make clear that we totally independent and work only for our selected clients. Our service is very personalised and therefore we have a limited number of spaces each month. The sooner we start working together, the more successful and enjoyable your experience of buying property in Spain will be.

Once you have completed our initial brief form, we’ll arrange a Skype consultation, in which we’ll delve further into your plan and vision for the property purchase. And very importantly you get to know us. We want you to feel comfortable with who we are and how we will look after you.

Once we have spoken ( we prefer to make direct contact to allow us to fully understand your requirements), we will agree a time schedule and start the search.

We will contact the best agents in your search area to locate the most suitable properties for you. We will send recommended properties, based on your requirements. We will work together to prepare a  short list of properties before your visit.

“Finding the ideal property from a distance is quite a challenge, especially if you are totally unfamiliar with the area like me and my wife were.
Last year (2019) we decided to buy a property in Spain as an investment and possibly to retire later on. Living some distance away in the UAE, and only having limited time to visit Spain to pick a property, were the main challenges.
Our best decision was to take the help of Move to Malaga. They made it possible. They helped pre-select areas and properties and brought us in contact with a great lawyer and mortgage broker in preparation for our visit. During our two-week visit Lisa lined up viewings and Sabine efficiently took us to the numerous locations between Estepona and Fuengirola. Once we selected our apartment in Marbella, they continued their assistance with the negotiations and until completion. Even when all was done, they took care of changing the locks and handing over the keys, and we are sure they would not hesitate to help with any needs we have in the future.
For anyone looking for a property or relocation to the Costa del Sol, we would without hesitation recommend Move to Malaga. We probably would not have been able to succeed without them.”
Richard, Nueva Andalucia

Standard Package
  • Skype consultations
  • Property Shortlist
  • Pre-planned itinerary for visits
  • Assisted property visits
  • Q & A session with a property lawyer
  • Savings on currency transfer
  • No obligation insurance quotes
  • Opening a Spanish bank account
  • Price negotiation
VIP Package
  • Pre-planned itinerary for visits
  • *Hotel booking service
  • *Taxi booking service for airport transfers
  • *Pre-inspection visits to shortlisted properties
  • *Guided yours of selected areas
  • Assisted property visits
  • Q & A session with a property lawyer
  • Savings on currency transfer
  • No obligation insurance quotes
  • Opening a Spanish bank account
  • Price negotiation
  • *Translator provided whenever required
  • *Residency applications (if necessary)
  • *School selection and applications
  • *Assistance with utility companies (including phone and internet)
  • *Assisting with paperwork importing personal belongings (non EU)
  • *Assistance with vehicle importation or purchase

How Do You Secure Our Property Finder Spain Services?

Once we have received details about what you are looking for, discussed details via Skype,  and assessed feasibility, we will ask for a retainer of €595 or €795 (based on which service you choose) .

This retainer is merely you agreeing to conduct your property search through ourselves. It actually saves you money in the long run!

Upon receipt of the retainer, we will work together on your personal plan of action.

What about Property Finder Fees?

Our fees are 2.5% of the purchase price, with a minimum fee of €2500. (excluding VAT)

However, on the Costa del Sol, these fees are usually covered by the sales agent, ie. the estate agent selling the property. Sales commissions here are generally 5% and are included in the advertised sales price. Upon completion of a successful sale, this 5% is split between the sales agent and the property finder who introduces the purchasers (ie. us).

If the property price does not include our fees, we will bring this to your attention before making any offers.

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