The Spanish property market is back in the spotlight. More people are buying property in Spain than in the past few years. Estate agents and sales staff are posting exciting, encouraging and astonishingly positive articles in the tabloids and industry papers. New “estate agents” are popping up all over the place. Lots of money is being spent on marketing Spanish properties and the revival of the Spanish property market.

Be careful. Slow down. Be informed … Mistakes are very costly!

Don’t be swept up in the hype!


Following the amazing response I received from my Moving To Spain videos on YouTube, I have decided it is time to share my knowledge and experience of buying property in Spain with you. In this new series, together with my colleague, Louise Brace, I will be sharing What You Need To Know About Buying Property In Spain.

In the first series of videos, What You Need To Know About Buying Property In Spain, we will cover:


  • How much is property in Spain

  • Additional Costs When Buying Property In Spain

  • Should I Buy A Property In Spain?

  • Things To Consider When Buying Property In Spain

  • What Is The Best Way To Buy Property In Spain

  • How Safe Is Buying Property In Spain?

  • How to Find a Property in Spain

  • When Is A Good Time To Buy Property In Spain

  • Questions To Ask When Buying Property In Spain



These videos will:


  • Provide you with facts and information

  • Help you reach the best decision for you

  • Inform you how to make informed and educated decisions

  • Aid you in finding the ideal property that best suits your needs.

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