Please be advised that our pay-per-session Consultation Slots are only available to people who have read Lisa’s book “Moving to Spain with Children”.

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With the information provided in the book, backed up by Lisa’s guidance and answers to questions relating to your own personal circumstances, your move to Spain will become a lot easier and less stressful.

Whether you need help making a decision about your ideal destination, or you are simply unsure where to start, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge and guidance for your own relocation process.

We advise you to book your consultation in advance to avoid disappointment. This allows you to prepare your questions in advance and maximise the benefit.

We will provide you a bespoke service, answering specific questions relating to your personal situation and supply you with a range of reliable, trusted contacts and sources of information.


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Follow-up Emails.


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*All Moving to Spain Consultation Packs include 30-minute phone consultations, email follow ups and reference links.


Please be advised that these consultations are only available to people who have already read our essential guide book “Moving to Spain  with Children”.

Our book includes so much essential information, it will save you time and money and ensure we are all working towards the same goal …

a safe and successful relocation to Spain!

Visit Amazon to order your copy now.

Comments about Lisa’s book:

We have been thinking about retiring from the US to Spain for a few years now, and have attempted to research the possibility on and off on-line, getting frustrated with the often outdated and conflicting information, no doubt partly because of Spain’s frequently changing rules and regulations. That’s why we were delighted to find Lisa’s book “Moving To Spain With Children’. Even though it’s geared towards families with children, with lots of practical information about education and ideas to help children adjust, it had all the other information we were looking for as well, all in a concise and easy to read book. At no point is Lisa trying to sell you a dream life in Spain, instead she provides fact based information, ideas to consider, and real life experiences.

These are some of the other topics we specifically enjoyed reading about: pros and cons of locations to consider, the value of speaking the language in various areas (and how to learn), healthcare options, registration and residency rules, and considerations for renting and buying property. She even covers topics like starting a business in Spain, and bringing pets into the country. She basically covers subjects we haven’t even thought about, and all in a practical to-the-point fashion.

And best of all, Lisa has several ways to connect on-line for all the latest updates, and can even be reached for consultation. All in all we have nothing but good words for this book, which we’ll keep with us for reference. It is well worth the money spent.”



“My sister bought this book for me as a present after I told her I was thinking of moving to Spain, and I can honestly say it is the best book anyone could have given me during what is an exciting, but daunting change in my life. The Author covers everything you think you need to find out about, as well as many topics that hadn’t even entered my mind! For example, I had assumed that, in terms of pets, I just needed to sort out pet passports and transport; it hadn’t even occurred to me that Spain has different laws in terms of licences for certain breeds of dogs and that different medications are required due to the hotter climate. So even if you think you’ve done all of the research you need and are well prepared for your move to Spain, I can guarantee that there will be subjects in this book that you hadn’t even considered! I’m a great believer in seeking help from people that have already embarked on an adventure themselves and who have already done much of the groundwork for you – this book has been a fantastic shortcut to preparing all the checklists and applications I need to get me and my family off to the very best start in our new life in Espana!”



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