In our A to Z Reasons to Move to Malaga post we  shared some of the many reasons we believe Malaga is a great place to live.

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If you are looking for lifestyle change, this is the destination for you!

If you are thinking of moving to Spain and would like to know why we think moving to Malaga is a great option, have a read of our A to Z reasons to live in Malaga … please remember that, although we love Malaga Capital,  in our A to Z we are referring to the whole of the Malaga province that has so much to offer!

Offering excellent infrastructure and communications, a wonderful climate, delicious food and local produce, a wide variety of education options, long sandy beaches and all sorts of leisure and entertainment, Malaga has something for everybody.

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Click on the slideshow below and decide for yourself …

To read more about what Malaga Capital has to offer, read this article on our sister website: Read why Malaga is not one of the worst cities in Spain

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